If you don’t have a contract with a great publisher it can be hard to find good songs. Once you find a good song it might not be for you.

After years of writing songs, we have learned that it’s easiest for a song to connect to an artist when it’s written together with the artist in the room. But that's not always possible. Writing songs can be unpredictable.

We work with professional songwriters all over the world who write songs for a living. Anything is possible in the songwriting world, and it's all about the people you work with. Contact us for more information and to hear more new songs we have written.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can someone else produce the song?
Yes, we don't have to produce the songs we help write. The actual production, recording, mixing and mastering is not included. We will do a simple production to be able to hear the song, but focus will be on writing the song. You can release the selected song however you want with any kind of production, and it doesn't have to involve us if you don't wish.
2What is the publishing rights?
When a song is being created it automatically by law belongs to the people creating it. The creators have the right to decide how the song is going to be performed and recorded. The creators also have the economical right to the song. This means they have the right to get paid when income from the song is generated. Once the song is released income can be generated no matter who is performing the song. Income comes from concerts, radio play, streaming etc and is paid through collection societies (STIM, PRS, ASCAP for example).
3So if there's no production, what is a "song"?
A song is lyrics, melody and chords.