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We provide the opportunity to have your tracks mixed and sent back to you wherever you are. An easy upload process lets you send us your multi-track session and mix notes directly to our mixing engineer. You can use Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page to communicate with the engineer mixing your session.


1 EUR = 10 SEK. All prices excl. VAT.


1What is the difference between mixing and mastering?
Mixing is going through all tracks individually, making sure everything fits together and sounds good. Mixing in this sense is not production, even if a part of it can seem as producing. We like to see it as trying to improve the current sounds and production values in the song.

Mastering is working with the final stereo file after mixing, to make sure the level and sound is right for as many different platforms as possible.

2I want you to mix my music. What do I do?
First send us your songs (mp3) or info about your songs and check our current availability. The songs or productions doesn't have to be finished when you send it. Give us some details about the expected track count, what you want and if you have any special suggestions for the songs.

Expect at least some weeks notice, possibly longer. We'll make sure to connect you with the right engineer to mix your music.

When you are ready, send your individual files with wetransfer to us, make the payment on our website and we'll get started. Even if the actual mixing only takes 1-3 days, if it's possible, we like to give each song a week to make sure we're happy about the mix.

3How do you want the files?
We want 24bit 44.1khz WAV files. Individual sounds for us to be able to process them separately. Please name them starting the name with what it is (SD1.wav, SD2.wav, BD1.wav, Guit1.wav etc. NOT Songname_SD1.wav).

There are two ways of doing this: 1. We mix completely from scratch. You send your files completely clean without compression, eq, fx. There's a big risk of making your production sound very different from before because we might have to decide the volumes and alter the sounds from scratch. We might layer sounds differently or approach the mix in a different way. You can send an mp3 of your production but it will still not be the same. If you have spent a lot of time adjusting sounds this option is not for you.

2. You keep all or some of your own compression, equalizing and effects on. If you have a feeling your compression or equalizing might be too much, you could lighten it up a bit on important sounds, and still make the volumes as you want them. Export longer reverb and delay effects that you want separately. Remove other reverbs and delay effects. It'll help us get more clarity and detail in the mix.

It's great if we can hear the production pretty much as you have done it when the mix is set as 0dB when we get the files. It doesn't have to sound good, but it helps us get a feel for what you want. We'll improve it from there.

Note that vocals is usually preferred clean without any fx, compression or eq unless there's something special on it.

4What if I want to change something when I receive the mix back?
This is possible and happens quite often. Anything is possible ofcourse. We are pretty flexible unless there are edited files we have to edit again. There might be an extra cost for this.

When we are pretty much finished with the mix, we'll send you a version and we will have a discussion together if there are details you want us to work on. We can discuss it on our Facebook Messenger or through e-mail.

5Do you mix rock music?
Yes. Even if we are mostly known to mix and produce pop music nowadays, we do have engineers who likes to mix rock and metal music. Please send us an mp3 and we'll see availability and where it fits at this time.