We are working on a payment service online. For now, just contact us and we will send you an invoice or paypal payment.

Our chief mastering engineer Jimmy Gunnarsson takes care of each project personally to maintain the highest professional standards.

For extra versions an additional 15 EUR is added. Could be instrumentals, youtube-versions, special video versions etc.

1 EUR = 10 SEK. All prices excl. VAT.

1What kind of file will I get returned?
You can pick between 16bit and 24bit WAV when ordering. You will also get a 320kbit MP3.
2What file should I send?
Send a 24bit WAV file to us.
3Should I have something on the master bus on my mix?
We prefer if there is nothing on your master bus, unless there is something that you think improve your song without the risk of making the mastering process worse.
4Can I get my mix reviewed before sending?
Yes, you can mail an mp3 with your track to and ask for a review before mastering. Please write "Mix review before mastering" as a title in your mail.
5Where do I send the file?
Send your WAV-file with to
6What should I expect from a mastering?
You should expect us to not have to do much with your file other then taking it up another small level.
Many mastering studios have as a selling point to take your mix to new heights. We will definitely do our absolute best to do that for you, but the truth is that you should not expect any major differences in the mix.
If you do have any special expectations or thoughts about where we should take your mastering, please send some notes to us.
7Can I master the same track again? My mix needed adjustments and now I have fixed it.
Yes, you can get the same song mastered again and we will do it for a discount price of 40 euro/song.