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  • About Swedish Sound

    Swedish Sound is a high end music facility. 345 square meter music studio with 3 control rooms, a songwriting room, 3 iso booths and a large studio room. There's also kitchen facilities and office space.

    Ken Berglund and Henrik Marzelius bought the studio from In Flames in August 2012.

    The studio has earlier been IF Studios, Studio Fredman and Bauhaus Studio with a long history of recordings from the 1980’s.


    Our current objective is to deliver top quaity productions, mixes and recordings.

    We want Swedish Sound Studio to be accessible for bands, artists, songwriters, external producers and engineers for recording, mixing and mastering from all over the world.

  • For Hire

    Swedish Sound Studio is available for hire with or without an engineer.

    If you would like an engineer specialized in your genre and don’t have your own, we have contact with fantastic external engineers and producers that are the best within their field.


    The studio has been known to record metal for the last 10 years. One reason for that is the fantastic large recording room which is perfect for drum recordings. We have never heard better drums recorded and if you want a sample, contact us.

    Drums recorded here are heard on albums from not only In Flames but many more of the worlds most known metal acts.

    Nowadays our main engineers focus is more into pop and urban music.

  • Accommodation

    The closest cheap accommodation is a boat hotel next door. The studio is located in central Gothenburg, 5-10 minutes walk from the central station close to other hotels, bars and malls.

    There is a fully equiped kitchen in the studio if you like to cook your own food.

    Contact us for more details.


    Known bands who has been recording or produced at this studio during the years has been:

    Hurts, The Fooo Conspiracy, Hardcore Superstar, In Flames, Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Haunted, Kid Down, Dia Psalma, Sonic Syndicate, Degradead, Neo, Hurdle Brothers, Dark Tranquility, Freak Kitchen, Hero In Action, Union Square, Witchery, The Hurricanez, Dead by April.

  • In-House Team

    Ken Berglund

    Ken Berglund is a #1 album music producer and a mixing engineer, working mostly with pop & urban music. He was employed by Henrik Marzelius in 2008 at the old studio "Studio 19", until they bought the studio by In Flames in 2012 together. Ken is in Studio A most of his awaken hours mixing, producing, making tracks and keeping the studio going. Credits include The Fooo Conspiracy, Jeff Scott Soto, Patrick Kronenberger among others.

    Check out his webpage for mixing at:

    Jimmy Gunnarsson

    Jimmy "Inossi" Gunnarson is a mastering engineer at Swedish Sound Mastering. He has also had some releases with the label Substream with his own house project. When he's not mastering, he's is remixing and producing tracks in Studio B.


    Tommy Sjöström

    Sound Engineer, Songwriter & Music Producer

  • In-House Team


    Scott Millien

    Music Producer & Songwriter

    Albin Loán

    Music Producer & Songwriter


    Carl Bergener

    Music Producer & Songwriter

    Maria "The Naima Train" Nyström

    Artist & Songwriter


    Camilla Wallöe

    Artist & Songwriter

    André Stärnman

    Music Producer & Songwriter


    Music Producer & Songwriter

We have moved to a new location!

Our new address is Erik Dahlbergsgatan 9.

The address at the bottom of the page is wrong.

The webpage will be updated soon.


Rent Studio

The studio is available to rent in 4 hour-session periods.

Control Room A + ISO booth. (Engineer not included) : 1000 SEK / session
Control Room B, C or D + ISO booth. (Engineer not included) : Call!
Sound Engineer / Music Producer : +1250 SEK / session

If booked, pre-paid and cancelled, money will not be refunded unless cancelled at least 7 days before the booking.

All prices excluding VAT.


Mixing & Production

We have been mixing and producing some amazing talent at the studio in most genres. Electronic pop, rock, metal, live jazz.

Send demo mp3s and info to Please use to transfer tracks.

Price: Ask!


Swedish Sound Mastering

We offer professional mastering for your songs. With our mastering service we will get you that true analogue feeling. We use some great hardware equalizers and compressors. Also the best and latest plug-ins on the market.

Prices (excl VAT) :

Digital Transfer Mastering: 45 € (400 SEK) / 1 song, 40 € (350 SEK) / more then 1 song.

Complete CD Mastering: 65 € (600 SEK) / 1 song, 45 € (500 SEK) / more then 1 song.

Get a test mastering of your song for free to make sure you get what you want.
Please use to transfer tracks to


Creative Mastering

We provide you with ordinary mastering but also we're being the first music studio in Sweden to provide Creative Mastering. This means that you from now on can send stems of your mix and we will have the chance to really make your master great and shining.

Price (excl VAT) : Max 8 stereo stems - 220 € (2000 SEK) / song.

Please use to transfer tracks to



Studio A:
Solid State Logic 4000
40 channels with the legendary “Black” equalizer. 28 E-channels and 12 G-channels.


Studio A:
Barefoot Sound Micromain 27
5 x Blue Sky SAT 6.5 + Blue Sky SUB 12. Surround 5.1 system (When needed)

Studio B:
Focal SM9
Genelec 8040

Studio C:
Yamaha HS8

Recording / DAW

Studio A:
Mac Pro 2010, 2 x 2,66 Ghz Six Core Intel Xeon with 24GB RAM
ProTools HDX with ProTools AVID 16x16 A/D
3 x ProTools Digidesign 96 8x8 A/D
ProTools 11 HD, Logic X

Studio B:
Mac Pro 2013, 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 16 GB RAM
Logic X
Universal Audio Apollo 16

Studio C:
Pro Tools Native 11


Lexicon 480L Reverb
API Lunchbox with 6 x API 550b
API Lunchbox with 2 x API 512c Pre
4 x Focusrite ISA430
DBX 160 SL
Buzzaudio SOC 1.1 Stereo Optical Compressor
TC Electronics 2240 EQ
Digidesign Sync
Aphex Aural Exciter Type C
Focusrite Quadcomp
2 x Focusrite Compounder


Neumann: 2 x KM184
Danish Pro Audio: 2 x 4021
Sennheiser: 3 x 421 / 441
Sontronics: 2 x SCT-1 / Sigma Ribbon
Shure: SM7 / 2 x SM81 / SM91 / 3 x SM57 / Beta 52 / 2 x Beta 58 / Beta 56
ElectroVoice: RE20
Shiny Box: 2 x 46U Ribbon
Røde: Classic II / Classic I / 2 x NT-5 / NT-4 / 2 x NT-1000 / K2 / NTK
A U67 Clone


Grand Piano Malmsjö
Rhodes Mark 1
Elektron Analog Keys
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 PE
Marshall Vintage Amp, Modified by Tommy Folkesson
Marshall 4 x 12 Cabinet
Fender Bassman
Ashdown MAG 300 Bass amplifier
Pearl Masterworks Drums


Studio B:


Focal SM9
Genelec 8040


Mac Pro 2013, 3.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 16 GB RAM.
Logic X
Universal Audio Apollo 16


API Lunchbox with 2 x API 512c Pre
Buzzaudio SOC 1.1 Stereo Optical Compressor

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150 SEK 6 SEK/ex.


Jewel Case
120 SEK 4,8 SEK/ex.

Slim Case
112,5 SEK 4,5 SEK/ex.

Plastic Sleeves
58 SEK 2,32 SEK/ex.

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New Studio!

2017-01-16 11:03:02

We have built a new studio at a new location next to Vasaplatsen, Gothenburg.

Swedish Album Chart #1!

2014-04-17 18:29:45

The Fooo goes straight in at #1 on the official album chart in Sweden! The album ”Off The Grid”, including the song Lose Our Lungs co-written and co-produced by Ken Berglund, is their debut album. Artist House Stockholm and the guys in the band are doing an amazing job with it!

Elektron Analog Keys

2014-03-29 23:34:38

We've been playing with this baby all day! Love the overdrive on the filters.

The Fooo

2013-12-23 13:38:47

Ken Berglund was in Stockholm this weekend working with The Fooo, together with songwriters Jon von Letscher and Johannes Henriksson. Thanks to Felix, Omar, Oscar and Mr. OG!

New internship

2013-11-13 17:56:43

Chaos reached the studio! But our new intern Marcus managed to get new coffee in 5 minutes!

Alex, Dead by April

2013-05-10 20:43:07

Thank you Alex from Dead by April! After a total of 8 days of drum recording, it's all now finished for the next album! It sounds amazing!

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