What is this?

Swedish Sound Studio is a music studio in Gothenburg, Sweden where experienced music producers are working daily with music for artists and music projects around the globe.

We’re considering what we want on this webpage. Most of us don’t do much recording projects at this time, but occasionally there’s a possibility, if that is what you are looking for.

Who are you?

If you are a local Gothenburger looking to record vocals, mixing, editing or any other hourly paid work, please explain your project along with your phone / e-mail and the correct person can get back to you to discuss your project. Expect some days for us to get back and it might take a week or two before you’ll be able to record. I didn’t set up a contact form yet, so try this e-mail:

Otherwise we mostly work with music labels, external music publishers or have a stake in our own independent projects.

Who are we?

There’s about 12 different music producers working here every week. I’ll make a list and put in some instagram accounts soon. You can check me out first at @kenproducer on instagram.